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  • Permanent (Indelible) security marking systems are used with total confidence on a wide range of items such as computers, office equipments, furniture and fittings, plant & machinery, microwave radio communication equipments/Vsat masts, vehicle etc, using your organization name, post code, departmental name, sequential numbers etc.
  • Tamper Proof Label marking systems are printed with the customer’s design and available in a full range of colours; it is extremely flexible and can be used for a multitude of purposes such as bar code identification. The longer tamper proof label stay on any asset the difficult it become to remove except the intruder destroy the tag as it must have develop adherent to the surface of the asset. Tamper proof label work along with our Laser Barcode memory scanner and Asset Management Software (Asset Performer) in tracking Assets.
  • Void Label unlike Tamper proof label will leave a bold “VOID” on the surface any assets when forcefully removed and this will enable users to know that an intruder as tamper with the asset. Barcode on Void label can be scan and integrate with our Fixed Asset Management Software in tracking of assets.
  • Paint/Grease Resistant Label is a tamper proof label that has additional features to protect the tag during repainting of factory machines and equipments and also protect the tag from the effect of grease, oil and water in a manufacturing environment.
  • Supermark is a combination of Tamper proof label and Indelible Permanentmark technology, it brings security and asset tracking features to the users.