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We have expertise to handle Asset valuation of all types of properties
including Plant & Machinery, Land & Buildings and other fixed assets for all
purposes e.g. Insurance, Compensation, Open Market Value, Going Concern,
Business Mergers and Acquisition, Commercialisation and Privatisation.

  • Balance Sheet and Accounting Purpose:- Fixed assets are normally depreciated in the books of account with the result that values often shown against fixed assets in the company’s annual balance sheet are grossly unrealistic. In order to ensure that financial statement reflect the true worth of business organisations, professional valuations of the fixed assets of companies are carried out periodically.
  • Insurance:- Professional valuation may also be carried out for insurance purposes. This is to advise the insurer and the insured alike on the worth of the property concerning the risk it is exposed to. Such risk includes natural disasters like rainstorm, earthquake, fire etc. The objective is to ensure that insurance policy coverage is adequate.